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Monday, July 25, 2011

My life=my career????

I am a university student studying mainly social sciences and humanities. I've studied french, philosophy, creative writing, linguisitics, medieval history and political science and international relations. I expect to graduate with a major in political science and international relations. I have learnt a great deal from the past years however nothing that will point to a specific job. Its not something I mind. well sort off, it's just annoying having people snigger at what me whilst asking what I intend to do with my degree. And the truth is I am scared they are right. I like politics but wouldn't like to be a politician. I love french but really can't see myself as a teacher. I remember all the trouble and mischief in class (much to the despair of my teachers) I caused and know that karma will come back and bite me with its venomous canines. I really like the idea of becoming a diplomat but that means I will have to leave my family and move to Canberra. I love creative writing and I write crazy little short stories but it is a  bit whimisical to say that I want to be a writer. but I do so badly. Inspite of my poor grammar and spelling mistakes nothing beats the adrenaline rush of writing straight for three hours some crazy ass story. nothing beats that for me. I am not yet 21 (only 3 months away) yet I am constantly pressured to find a real career. but nothing pleases me I am impossible. does this mean I must throw away my childhood dreams and do something I hate????????? it  just depresses me a lot especially since I will finish my degree this year.

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  1. Oh my God, I understand you so bad. I underwent the same things as you did, it was a little bit scary when I read your post, coz it looked like I wrote it months ago. I hope you find something you like. Greetings from Brazil.