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Monday, July 25, 2011

My life=my career????

I am a university student studying mainly social sciences and humanities. I've studied french, philosophy, creative writing, linguisitics, medieval history and political science and international relations. I expect to graduate with a major in political science and international relations. I have learnt a great deal from the past years however nothing that will point to a specific job. Its not something I mind. well sort off, it's just annoying having people snigger at what me whilst asking what I intend to do with my degree. And the truth is I am scared they are right. I like politics but wouldn't like to be a politician. I love french but really can't see myself as a teacher. I remember all the trouble and mischief in class (much to the despair of my teachers) I caused and know that karma will come back and bite me with its venomous canines. I really like the idea of becoming a diplomat but that means I will have to leave my family and move to Canberra. I love creative writing and I write crazy little short stories but it is a  bit whimisical to say that I want to be a writer. but I do so badly. Inspite of my poor grammar and spelling mistakes nothing beats the adrenaline rush of writing straight for three hours some crazy ass story. nothing beats that for me. I am not yet 21 (only 3 months away) yet I am constantly pressured to find a real career. but nothing pleases me I am impossible. does this mean I must throw away my childhood dreams and do something I hate????????? it  just depresses me a lot especially since I will finish my degree this year.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

so much has happened since I last posted and so much has remained the same. I went to Turkey again for the winter. it was fantastic up until the last day it was snowing in Istanbul. I havent seen snow since I was 4 years old so it was great. Ah Istanbul....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

lol I just realised how random my posts are. lol


summer holidays are here. looking forward to my new job woo hoo. make some extra cash as a sales represenative.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My university/Benim güzel üniversite.

Peacock at the New Fortune Theatre/Evet, üniversitede tavus kuşu vardır.

Sunken Garden/batık bahçe

Turkish Children Learn Their Mother Tongue Earliest

A research conducted worldwide has established that Turkish children are the fastest at learning their native language. The results were released at the International Association for the Study of Child Language's 10th congress in Berlin, Germany, where it was indicated that Turkish children could speak their native language by the age of 2-3 years in a grammatically correct manner.
Linguistics Professor Klann Delius noted that The Turkish Language was easy to learn. "Suffixes in Turkish that determine person and tense are regular. Using them is like arranging Lego pieces."
According to the research, it takes 12 years for Arab speaking children, and 4-5 years for German children to acquire the grammatical mastery in their mother tongue. The congress held in Berlin is attended by about 800 linguists from around the world.

28.07.2005 - Anadolu News Agency (aa) Berlin from Zaman on Sunday

Monday, July 26, 2010

Are human rights evil, violent and complete nonsense?

According to Jeremy Bentham in Anarchial Fallacies (some philosopher dude who died ages ago) they are ‘nonsense upon stilts’. Tall nonsense. Why?
The French declaration of the rights of man affirms that everyone has ‘natural and imprescriptable’ rights which consist of the right to liberté 2propriété, sûreté, and résistance à l'oppression. That is liberty, property, security and freedom of oppression.
Liberty Lets look at liberty which is by far one of the most ambiguous rights. Liberty is freedom. Liberty is the condition of being free from restriction or control. There is no line you can draw on freedom. You either have it all or have none. If you are a liberalist like me you’d believe that this is fair as most people have good intentions and really just want to live and let live. There are a minority of psychopaths out there but hey we can punish them because we are free to do so. These psychopaths can also avenge us because they have the freedom to do so. However majority rules and they usually don’t get far without getting caught except for Jack the Ripper. But let’s not diverge from our topic. So in effect if you support the right to liberty you also support the right to kill. If killing is evil then yes so are human rights.
The right to property If you believe in the right to property you believe in the right to squat. Some random stranger can come into your house and say ‘I’m camping out here for the moment and you cant prevent me from doing so , I have a natural right to property’. The right to property infers that man has the right to everything. Unfortunately what is every mans right is also no mans right. So basically by giving man the right to property you are extinguishing his right to property. My house is not just mine if I have the right to property. The Squatter also has the right to own my house. My neighbour can renovate it, destroy it do what he wants with it and I can’t say anything because he too has the right to property. To prevent him from doing so would be to take away both his liberty and his intangible right to have anything. This can actually be an attractive idea if you don’t believe in stealing. Look at the Australian Aboriginal tribes for example who believed that everything belongs to everyone so they can borrow and take as they please. And everyone was cool with that. Sharing is caring. This leads me to question is sharing the opposite of stealing??
But I deviate again....
Security The right to security means that person has the right to protect himself against anything that he might believe will endanger his person. So in effect all laws are void if they endanger man, this includes conscription, workchoices (ok this is an aussie joke) and severe jail terms including the death penalty. So what do you do? You are in court and the big burly judge is just about to sentence you to life imprisonment for the crime you’ve committed. Well if you have the right to security you are by all means entitled to unconceal your scout’s knife and kill the judge. And there is nothing the courtroom can do about it because you merely enforcing your natural right to protect yourself from harm.
Resistance to Oppression This is an even murkier right. If you already have the three rights mentioned above what is the point of this one? Surely your rights to liberty, property and security protect you from being oppressed already? I believe the right to resist oppression can also mean you have the right to oppress. The fault lies in the definition of oppression which is the act of oppressing; arbitrary and cruel exercise of power. You are chronic smoker about to be treated for a lung infection. You need a cigarette desperately and the nurse says prohibits you from acquiring one. She is taking away your freedom to smoke which in one way or another is oppression. You feel oppressed and you are about to exercise your freedom to resist it. What do you do? You can trip the nurse and have a smoko. Are you being violent? Yes but hey you can be violent when it comes to resisting your oppressor. There is a positive aspect to this right and that is non-violent means of resisting your oppressor e.g. a peace rally.
This leads me to believe that human rights are evil, nonsense and violent. However this can be changed not by removing the freedom but by adding detail and specifics to how you can exercise your natural rights.