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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Turkish Children Learn Their Mother Tongue Earliest

A research conducted worldwide has established that Turkish children are the fastest at learning their native language. The results were released at the International Association for the Study of Child Language's 10th congress in Berlin, Germany, where it was indicated that Turkish children could speak their native language by the age of 2-3 years in a grammatically correct manner.
Linguistics Professor Klann Delius noted that The Turkish Language was easy to learn. "Suffixes in Turkish that determine person and tense are regular. Using them is like arranging Lego pieces."
According to the research, it takes 12 years for Arab speaking children, and 4-5 years for German children to acquire the grammatical mastery in their mother tongue. The congress held in Berlin is attended by about 800 linguists from around the world.

28.07.2005 - Anadolu News Agency (aa) Berlin from Zaman on Sunday

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  1. As a Turkish linguistics student I find this very fascinating