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Friday, July 23, 2010

Why are we so afraid of religion?

I have religious views. I consider myself religous but i never make it public. I dont think I'm the only one.
People talk about the death of religion. but is it really? In my opinion I think there is a massive hidden revival of religion.
In a increasingly globalised world, and the emphasis of political correctness I think that people are too afraid to publicise their beliefs. All major religions come with their politics and history, their peace and their wars. Relgion nowadays is associated with everything from colonial conquests to organised terrorism.
so who can blame me and those like myself for keeping my religous views private?
I see relgion as a personal relationship between myself and God. No one has the right to poke and prod me for my choice. But really I cant help but admire those who can don their religous clothing and go out in public. Yes I admire the jewish boy in my politics class who wears his yarmulk everyday but I also feel ashamed because I can never express myself like him. I can never say this is a part of me and I dont care what you think.

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